Leading Hybrid Teams

Current and aspiring leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs) who want to dramatically improve all of their decision making (quick, major, and strategic) by using best practices from Fortune 500 leaders will get the most benefit from this course for their business and career goals, because case studies and examples are best suited to their needs

Everyone else who wants to make the best quick, major, and strategic decisions will also benefit from this course, even if the case studies and examples will be less relevant to them

Public Sector Network · 14 November 2021

Master hybrid team leadership best practices of Fortune 500 leaders taught by world-renowned expert on hybrid teams, Dr Gleb Tsipursky.

This course is approximately one and a half hours split over 8 modules. Good luck and happy learning!

Course Learning Objectives

  • Master the best practices in leading hybrid teams used by Fortune 500 leaders to seize competitive advantage for their bottom lines and careers
  • Discover how to collaborate and innovate most effectively in hybrid teams, while holding team members accountable for deliverables
  • Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the best practices used by Fortune 500 companies for leading hybrid teams
  • Arrange the most effective post-vaccine return to office through a hybrid-first model that maximizes your business objectives
  • Learn the dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases that undermine successful hybrid team leadership and how Fortune 500 firms defeat them
  • Gain the skills to maximize productivity, engagement, retention, and morale for hybrid teams for your team’s bottom line and your own career
  • Feel truly confident about whether you make the right calls in leading hybrid teams to achieve your desired leadership goals


To celebrate the launch of the Academy we are offering free access to the first module of this training material.

You can view the first module of Leading Hybrid Teams below.


Here’s a recent testimonial from John Elnitsky, the head of the nuclear division of Entergy, a company ranked #299 by Fortune, speaking about the impact of my training on the leaders of the nuclear industry:

  • “We at Entergy hired Dr. Gleb as the opening keynote speaker to set the tone for the annual nuclear utility industry conference, hoping he would give a wake-up call about the threats and risks facing us and what steps we can take to prepare. Well, what he delivered exceeded our expectations. His keynote was the talk of the conference, widely described by attendees as giving the nuclear industry ‘the kick in the pants we needed to jump-start critically important initiatives to address the threats he outlined.’ Thank you Dr. Gleb!”

Here’s a recent testimonial from Harish Phadke, the Business Manager for the head of the North American Health division at Reckitt, a company ranked #326 by Fortune, about the impact of my training on the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team:

  • “Dr. Gleb Tsipursky provided a truly outstanding virtual training on unconscious bias and future-proofing via emotional and social intelligence for the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team. Exceeding our expectations, Dr Gleb customized his groundbreaking, behavioral science-driven training content to integrate our initiatives, policies, and case studies at Reckitt, expertly targeting our evolving needs. We are delighted to have met Dr. Gleb, and look forward to future opportunities to keep working with him on a training series for the organization. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to get a rapid grasp of highly relevant topics which influence human behavior in the prevailing challenging times.”

Besides such real-world, pragmatic expertise, I have a strong academic background as a behavioral scientist studying decision making and related fields. I spent 8 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, first getting a PhD in the History of Behavioral Science and then serving as a lecturer there. Then, I spent 7 years as a professor at the Ohio State University, where I published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on this topic in high-quality academic journals such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology. Thus, this course is thoroughly informed by cutting-edge research.

This combination of business and science led to my expertise gaining global recognition. I published over 550 articles and gave over 450 interviews for prominent venues, such as Fortune, USA Today, CNBC, Fast Company, CBS News, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, and Time.

My expertise is also featured in my 7 best-selling books, including global best-sellers Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019)and The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020). Further attesting to my global renown, my work was translated into Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Polish, and other languages.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the training or the PSN Academy more broadly please contact our Training and Development Lead at [email protected]

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