Certification course in Work and Workforce Management

As a first-time manager or new supervisor, you are probably looking for ways to improve your management skills and be a great team leader, so you can create highly engaged and empowered team members.

Whether you were promoted into a manager role internally or you are a first-time manager in a new workplace, this course will teach you how to take action and become a better leader.

Public Sector Network · 17 November 2021

Essential Skills for First Time Manager’s

Learn your new managerial responsibilities, get your message across, lead your company to success, and take control.

In this course you will be introduced to a set of management skills and techniques that every great leader owns. You will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate in an engaging and effective manner, to motivate people; and how to work with different types of personalities. The goal is to show you can create an inspiring team environment.

After completing this course you will be able to find your managerial path, shape your work environment, motivate your team, face challenges with the utmost confidence, and most importantly, be the leader that your team will be happy to follow.

So it’s time to take the leap and dive into how to become a fantastic leader for your team.

This course is divided into six parts, each covering a number of topics associated with one certain aspect of people management. With this structure, the course can be used as a guideline for training new managers as well as a guide for more experienced managers.


  • Learn how to develop great management skills
  • How to inspire your team to become highly engaged and empowered
  • Master communication techniques to build a trust-based relationship with your team
  • Master the difference between being a great leader or merely a manager/supervisor of your team
  • Identify group culture and labels in your workplace and change them for your team’s benefit
  • Learn to give genuine and meaningful praise team members will appreciate
  • Identify personality types and master communication to build great relationships
  • Become a successful team leader without prior leadership experience
  • Motivating People, Setting Goals for self and others, Giving Positive workplace feedback, Conducting Focused Meeting that will encourage others, Delegate responsibilities. Communicate upwards effectively, keeping my manager informed, Coaching people to improve performance, Guiding team through Change, Communicating Clearly and sharing information


To celebrate the launch of the Academy we are offering free access to the first module of this training material.

You can view the first module of Certification Course in Work and Workforce Management below.


  • An aspiration to become a better and more motivating leader/manager


  • Existing managers looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations
  • First-time manager, new or recently promoted supervisor who want to learn how to lead teams and managing people
  • Any manager looking to improve their communication and management skills.


Part1: (Section1 – 4) Learn the Management skills like Supervision and management style, Managing meetings as a leader or manager, Managing your team and customers

Part2: (Section5 – 8) Learn the Operational skills like managing workloads, standards, staff or resourcing/manpower planning and resource management,

Part3: (Section9 – 11) Learn the Leadership skills like managing problems and making decisions. Managing people problems related to appraisal, grievance and managing or influencing changes

Part4: (Section12 –15) Practice the managerial functions related to writing JD or managing performance review process, develop your leadership competencies and continue a reading habit with a complete personalized activity workbook

Part5: (Section16) Case Study of First Time Managers guide. 20 Complete case study on different scenarios


  1. Motivational Speaker, Whitepaper Contributor, Culture Manager, Leadership and Soft skill Trainer at different Global Level organizations contributed more than 500 hours of training for 1000 plus employees.
  2. Delivered different coursed in several international platforms which has more than 100 hours of video content, with 100,000 plus students from more than 150 countries across the world.      
  3. Guest Lecturer for Industry connect and Placement cell in different international and reputed Colleges, Institutes and Universities Total more than 200 hours session with 5000 plus students.

List of Projects Undertaken in OD and HRBP

  • Merger and acquisition of regional location with the corporate entity 
  • Preparing Global Skill Matrix, Competency Mapping Framework         
  • Implementation of ISO standards, documentation, and migration/merger for HR at a global level.
  • Complete revamp, review of Global HR Policy and Process.     
  • Creating HR Asset register, Potential assessment & Succession planning model          
  • Revamp and implementation of Global HRMS system and digital transformation
  • Creating Hierarchy structure and Leadership development at a global level     
  • Fresher hiring plan plus model and aligning with Capacity building     
  • AI driven Interview, engagement, and communication process
  • Implementation and creating the complete HRBP Framework, matrix and programs
  • Creating a Complete High Potential Assessment Centre and Development Centre      
  • DPO: Review and implementation of Data Privacy mode aligning GDPR, POPIA, CCPA


If you have any questions or queries regarding the training or the PSN Academy more broadly please contact our Training and Development Lead at [email protected]

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