Building a High Performance Team

Develop your foundation for Team Leadership and Followership through Dr Bill Brantley's three pillars of Team Building; Emotional Intelligence, Trust and Psychological Safety and the High Performance Team - Building Behaviours for Success.

Dr Brantley excels at identifying and conceptualizing innovative programs and initiatives that significantly affect organizational goals while helping employees achieve more in their work. He leverages his well-developed project management, design thinking, and evaluation skills to manage programs efficiently and effectively. He builds high-performing teams by bringing together people with diverse talents and ideas and creating the team members' psychological safety and trust to flourish and innovate. He excels at bringing together people with various skills and ideas and developing the team members' psychological safety and trust to thrive and innovate.

Public Sector Network · 28 February 2022


Teams perform most work in government. Being a good team member and a team leader are the keys to a successful government career. Government leaders who can create high-performing teams will do more work effectively and efficiently. In this training program by the Public Sector Network, you will learn how to develop high-performing government teams by:

  1. Using emotional intelligence to create the foundation for team leadership and followership. 
  2. Creating a climate of trust and psychological safety to help team members and team leaders work smoothly and productively.
  3. Teaching team leaders use conversational intelligence to communicate clearly and successfully with team members.
  4. Developing ordinary or dysfunctional teams into high-performing teams using the stellar team model.
  5. Assembling a team mental model to align better the team’s performance with the team’s mission.

Course One: Emotional Intelligence – The Foundation for Team Leadership and Followership

Module One – What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Module Two – Self-Perception and Self-Expression

Module Three – Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management 

Module Four – Five Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence

Course Two: Trust and Psychological Safety – How Team Leaders and Members Interact

Module One – Defining Trust

Module Two – Defining Psychological Safety

Module Three – Conversational Intelligence

Module Four – Five Ways to Build Trust 

and Psychological Safety

Course Three: The High-Performance Team – Behaviors for Success

Module One – What is a High-Performing Team?

Module Two – How Do High-Performing Teams Form?

Module Three – The Behaviors of a Stellar Team

Module Four – Building the Team Mental Model

Each course has a good balance between valuable concepts, practical applications, and actions you can take immediately. Enroll in the program today to build your high-performing team no matter what your role in government. 


Dr William Brantley is the author of two books, one on government transformation and the other on project management communication. He is a regular contributor to several online publications and has been an adjunct professor for over twenty years. Dr Brantley released online courses on project management communication and digital transformation viewed by thousands of students worldwide. In 2019, he was one of 25 Emerging Training Professionals recognized by Training Magazine.

Dr William Brantley thrives in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments – much like the environment the federal government is facing. His success stems from blending a diversity of talent and ideas to reframe problems and create novel solutions. Dr William Brantley is the person management calls on to operationalize a mission or vision. Whether it is creating a coaching culture at a 13,000+ person Federal agency, building a government-wide “consultancy” to help agencies recruit and train mission-critical occupations, or reinvigorating an Executive Coaching Program around “leadership branding.” His passion is to help transform government to serve citizens and the government workforce better.


To celebrate the launch of the Academy we are offering free access to the first module of this training material. View the first module of Building High Performance Teams below.

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