• 6 Lessons

    Content Design 101

    Learn how to create user-focused and accessible web content that’s easy to find and understand. This introductory course will teach you important foundational skills in content design.

    Content design and the importance of good web content is often not understood – Content Design NZ is here to change that. Their goal is to help grow the content design industry and help give more credibility to the content designer role.

    Sara Greig, founder and director of Content Design NZ, has developed Content Design 101, a public course for beginners to provide you with the expertise and guidance to create effective web content.

    Join in the learning today and kick-start your career in Content Design.

  • 12 Lessons

    Professional Diploma in Social Media for Government & Public Sector Learning Hub

    On completion of this course you will be a social media specialist. The content provided throughout this course, deals specifically with public interest messaging and promotes open and transparent citizen engagement. This course will teach learners how to lead online in a world where social media dominates political, policy and citizen communications.